The Myotonic Dystrophy Toolbox


Scientists and clinicians use many tools and reagents in their myotonic dystrophy (DM) research programs. With the investigators’ permission and in collaboration with these internationally respected researchers, we have organized this information to raise awareness about what is available and to create a forum for knowledge transfer between research laboratories.

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Hammerhead Ribozyme Targeted to Cleave Dmpk mRNA

p21 WAF1 Antisense Oligo

RHCGlo Splicing Reporter Plasmid

CELF and MBNL Constructs

Small Pool PCR Primer set for 3' UTR of the DMPK gene

BAC and PAC Genomic Clones used for IHC for ZNF9 Region of Chromosome 3q21

siRNA Oligonucleotides Targeting MBNL 1/2, CUGBP1, and hnRNP H

siRNA Targeting hnRNP H

Rabbit RyR1 cDNA; ASI(-) RyR1 Variant

AAV2/1-mycMbnl1/41 Virus

Dm15/Six5 Genomic DNA Clones

Monoclonal Antibody 3A4 against MBNL1 containing a HIS6 Tag

B79 DMPK - Specific Antibody

DM Patient - Gall bladder Tissue


Candidate Therapeutics
Gene Expression Microarray Data Set


in vitro and in vivo Models Clinical Tools

UAS - (iCTG)480 Drosophila Transgenic Line

6 Fibroblast Cell Lines (from 6 DM Patients)

Muscleblind-like 2 (Mbnl-2) - Deficient Mice

Inducible Heart-Specific Mouse Model

Homozygous Transgenic Mice
Carrying >350 Repeats in the DMPK Gene

Inducible Transgenic Mice Expressing GFP Including the hDMPK 3' UTR

Drosophilia Transgenic Models Containing CTG Tracts of 11, 48, 56, 162 Repeats

Primary Fibroblast Cell Line, CTG216/CTG15

Primary DM Fibroblast Cell Lines

Haploid, Myoblast DM2 Cell Lines

Primary Muscle Cell Culture of DM2 Female

HSALR 20b Mice

CUGBP1 Transgenic Mouse

Speech Protocol

Computerized Handgrip Myometer

Aerobic Training Program

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